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    A Homeowner's Guide to the Biology of Mosquitoes

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Mosquitoes are some of the peskiest creatures that we interact with. They invade your privacy, can leave bites that consistently itch, and they can even transfer deadly diseases. Knowing basic information about mosquitoes’ biology could help control them and keep them away from your home. 

    How & Where Mosquitoes Lay Eggs

    Most mosquito species will lay their eggs on a water surface. For example, they will utilize decorative ponds and pools in your backyard, or even a nearby wash. However, different species vary with how they lay them. Culex mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in groups between 100-300. By contrast, Anopheles, Aedes, and Ochlerotatus mosquitoes lay their eggs one at a time. Larvae will then hatch from these eggs within a couple days.

    Larvae & Pupa

    After the eggs are hatched, they remain in water as larvae anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. They will frequently come to the surface for oxygen, and eat anything around them including plankton, algae, and sometimes even other larvae. After shedding its skin four times, the larvae become pupa.  In this stage, they float and do not eat. There is a case around the body, and after a few days the adult mosquito will pierce through this, and wait on the water surface for its body to dry.

    Adult Mosquitoes

    Interestingly enough, only female mosquitoes require blood, because it is vital to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes only feed on nectar. Most blood-feeding mosquitoes do not target humans as their primary source, but it is important to be mindful of them, anyway. Using repellent and installing control systems around your home is a good way to protect yourself.

    Are you looking to shield your house from mosquitoes? Look no further than Platinum Mosquito Protection. We provide Miami and the surrounding areas with mosquito control and misting systems to keep these annoying insects away. Call us at (954) 793-4735, or visit our website for more information.

    Why is Mosquito Control Important?

    Last updated 10 days ago

    Mosquitoes are a nuisance, but you don’t mind swatting them away and dealing with the annoying bites and rashes, do you? Regardless, mosquito control is something that you should seriously consider for your home or business. For starters, mosquitoes spread a number of deadly diseases to humans, including West Nile Virus and dengue fever. Mosquitoes are also a danger to your pets, as they can spread heartworm to dogs and cats. Finally, mosquitoes are simply a huge pain to deal with, especially in Florida where the best times are usually spent outside.

    Platinum Mosquito Protection is your source for mosquito control in Boca Raton and Coral Gables. Our mosquito misting systems will wrap your home or business in an invisible mosquito barrier, protecting yourself, your family, and your pets. Visit our website to learn more about our mosquito control solutions, or call us at (954) 793-4735 to schedule your free on-site consultation. 

    Fascinating Facts about Mosquitoes

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Florida is blessed with some of the best weather in the country. Unfortunately, there’s a tiny flying pest that threatens to keep Floridians indoors and away from the barbeques and pool parties: Mosquitoes. Everyone knows that mosquito control is important and that bites can be uncomfortable and even unsightly, but did you know that mosquitoes have a preference for beer drinkers or that the best time to avoid mosquitoes is in the afternoon? To help you better understand the enemy, here are some fascinating and not-so-fun facts about mosquitoes.  

    Not All Mosquitoes Feast on Humans

    There are around 3,500 species of mosquitoes on the planet, but only a couple hundred actually feast on human blood. The rest feed on other animals and are no bother to us at all. Culiseta melanura, for example, bites birds almost exclusively. However, just because there are only a few hundred species that feed on humans doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of mosquitoes that see you as a meal—because there are more than that.

    Mosquitoes are Homing Devices

    Mosquitoes are very skilled at finding their next meal. These flying pests are attracted to carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and octenol found in our breath and sweat. Some species can detect CO2 from 75 feet away. Mosquitoes can also sense the heat and humidity that surrounds our bodies. Luckily, a mosquito control system can create an invisible barrier between you and the mosquitoes flying in wait.

    Mosquitoes are the Deadliest Creatures on Earth

    Even though mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses aren’t as prevalent in the U.S. as they are in other parts of the world, more deaths are associated with mosquitoes than any other animal on the planet. Mosquitoes carry any number of deadly diseases, including malaria, encephalitis, and dengue fever.

    If you want to enjoy your backyard or simply just protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses, call Platinum Mosquito Protection today. We provide mosquito control systems for homes and businesses in Miami, Pinecrest, Boca Raton, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (954) 793-4735 to learn more about our mosquito misting systems

    Important Information about West Nile Virus

    Last updated 23 days ago

    West Nile Virus isn’t as big of a problem in the United States as it is in other parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. In fact, as of September 30th, a total of 46 states and the District of Columbia have reported West Nile Virus infections to the CDC. To protect yourself and your family, use mosquito repellents containing DEET anytime you go outside. Wear long shirts and pants when possible, and remove standing water around your property.

    Watch this video for more tips on avoiding mosquito bites. If all of this seems like a lot of work, call Platinum Mosquito Protection. We provide mosquito misting systems that provide an invisible barrier around your home or business, killing and repelling mosquitoes before they can bite you or your family. Visit our website to learn more about our mosquito control systems or call us at (954) 888-9311. We provide mosquito control solutions throughout Boca Raton and Coral Gables. 

    Answering Common Questions about Mosquitoes

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Mosquitoes are a huge problem in Florida. Besides interrupting BBQ's and outdoor parties, these flying bloodsuckers can also spread potentially deadly diseases. Considering the threat posed by mosquitoes, it’s not unusual for people to have lots of questions about the dangers of mosquitoes and how to control these pests. If you don’t see an answer to your question below, contact a mosquito control company in Miami today. 

    Why do Mosquitoes Bite?

    Adult female mosquitoes bite to obtain a blood meal which provides them the necessary nutrition to produce eggs. When a mosquito bites, she injects saliva containing anticoagulants and other substances into the wound to insure a continuous flow of blood. The welt that occurs is the body’s allergic reaction to the substances found in the mosquito’s saliva.

    When are Mosquitoes Most Active?

    Different types of mosquitoes have different daily cycles of activity. In general, there are usually one or two periods of flight per day, which can occur during the day, at night, or at dawn and dusk. In other words, mosquitoes can be active all day. Fortunately, a mosquito misting system can provide an invisible mosquito barrier 24/7.

    How do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

    Speaking of mosquito misting systems, you may be wondering how they work. The mosquito misting system by Platinum Mosquito Protection uses insecticides that blend natural Pyrethrum and Permethrin to knockdown, kill, and repel mosquitoes around your home or business. Both are also biodegradable, meaning they provide a broad spectrum of insect control and have low toxicity to humans and pets.

    Call Platinum Mosquito Protection to learn about our mosquito control solutions. Visit our website to find out how our mosquito misting systems work, or call us at (954) 888-9311 to schedule your free on-site consultation in Boca Rota, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and the surrounding areas. 

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